Carina and Phil { Married }

I first meet Carina and Phil in earlier this year and booked them for a March 2014 wedding.  I then received a message…..”can we book you for September this year?” and thankfully I was available……and being the polite person that I am I didn’t ask why.  I finally asked when we had our meeting out at Siverstream Retreat……Carina would be almost 20weeks pregnant on their wedding day. I was over the moon for them. The ceremony began early at 11am and it was a beautiful day……Carina looked beautiful and is very talented as she did her own makeup….which I was most impressed.



Carina and her Muma and bridesmaid helping her get ready7


Phil waiting patiently for his bride to be.



The beautiful image on the right was photographed by my assistant Hannah Wickenden from “Bellajax Photography”


This wedding was a little bit different as timing goes. The ceremony started at 11am and then family and group photos…….then it was lunch and speeches…….Bridal party photos came later much to my delight.







Talk about a ladies man…..this guy had moves…….but he had to be quick.


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