Wellingtons Children Photographer – My girls

People often ask me if I have heaps of photos of my girls and the answer is always yes and no….yes on my iphone but no not on my walls (don’t shoot me) …..in the past I always photographed all the mile stones, birthdays etc but as they get older life got busier with swimming, gymnastics, netball, and dancing after school and on the weekends. And also photographing your own kids is actually harder than photographing clients children. Well I have had a few sleepless nights with the guilt of not having any recent images of my own children to be proud of. I worked up the patience and took Izzy and Jazzy downstairs to my studio and curled their hair and popped some lip gloss on them. To start with they were little angels but it only took 5 minutes and it was just farts and giggles.

The calm before the storm…..


Now the next image is totally fake…..in between giggles I got this but i have to laugh as it was a fluke that I got this.




I love freckles…..Izzy has such luscious lashes….she takes after her father.



And then the giggles began…. with a warmer edit.



Then it was all over red rover….let the starfishing begin!



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