NZIPP IRIS Awards 2014

Call me chicken no longer……

Two weeks and one day ago I decided NOT to enter the NZIPP Iris awards feeling chicken.

Then two weeks ago, early Monday morning at 3am I woke up in a panic thinking “Holy cow….why not”…. so stopped the negative mind games and put my big girl undies on. I only had one image ready so I entered just one.

On Saturday morning I sat nervously watching the live online streamed NZIPP Iris awards being judged waiting for my one and only entry to come up. Like many other photographers who entered I was totally in awe of the process and other photographers work. Such talented people. I started to wonder if I was good enough to receive a high professional standard or if I was lucky a Bronze. The judges were talking quite a bit about the image before mine then all of a sudden here was my image on the screen for everyone to see. Then I hear “82 Silver….next print please.”

OK ……was that it? You know what even if I hadn’t gotten a Silver I would be proud that I had the guts to enter … I am planning my images for 2015……watch this space!

Thank you to my models Ivory and Mila.


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