Amelia and Peter { Married } Part One

Its always a special day when I photograph a wedding but its even more special when the Bride is your family…..sister in law. Peter and Amelia have been together for such a long time. I first meet Amelia when she was only 4. I have seen her grow up to be such an amazing sister, woman, mother and now she is Peters wife. We meet Peter when he was 13 at our engagement party…..he was such a smooth talker and we thought he was a keeper. They have a beautiful wee girl Briar, who was their flower girl who gave her mum a run for her money on how gorgeous she looked on the day.

We arrived in Hurunui at my sister in law, Michelles farm on the Friday after traveling down from Wellington on the Ferry with 2 sick girls on a cold day. When we arrived we had a family BarBQue and found out it was Peters Grandfathers 80th birthday which was a lovely suprise for him when Peter and his family wished him Happy Birthday.

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and  started helping out in the Marquee setting tables etc. I left my husband in charge of getting my 2 girls ready ( but instructed nieces to stand by to help ) and drove off to the cottages to photograph Amelia getting ready. My niece Jessica was the Hairdresser and did a fabulous job. and my sister in law Michelle did the catering. It was an amazing day seeing all our family together and the day couldn’t have been better.





















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