Julie Willetts Photography specialises in Maternity, Newborn and baby photography.


I fell in love with photography when I got a compact camera for Xmas when I was 15. I started photography in the sixth form and received the “Ilford Shield Scholarship” in my first year of study. While I was still at school I worked as an assistant to a wedding photographer and also work experience in a camera shop. When I left school I became a Teachers Aide and taught Darkroom skills to 6th and 7th form students parttime and freelanced doing school sport team and product photography.

I decided I needed to be a grown up and actually pay bills so I started working for a well known Photographic company as Photographer, Studio manager, Area Manager and trainer for 15years. In 2009 I decided it was time to take a giant step and leave a well paid job and go out on my own. Originally from my beloved and Earthquake stricken Christchurch, we moved to Wellington in 2011 and set up my In-Home studio in Tawa.

I have a addiction to props and all things vintage, but I also love simplicity. You could say I have an eclectic style but its probably the way I think. From old suitcases and vintage tones to crisp white backgrounds and simple looks. You decide what you like and I will work with you to get that piece of personal artwork on your walls.


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