NZIPP Iris awards – Wellington Photographer

I told myself last year I was going to double my entries and enter four prints for judging this year but I got a bit behind and didn’t have anything organised until one month before the NZIPP IRIS awards. I had a possible four but at the last minute canned two as I knew I […]

Wellingtons Children Photographer – My girls

People often ask me if I have heaps of photos of my girls and the answer is always yes and no….yes on my iphone but no not on my walls (don’t shoot me) … the past I always photographed all the mile stones, birthdays etc but as they get older life got busier with swimming, […]


A few weeks ago we discovered our swan plant had seven monarch caterpillars. Originally we only had 3 plants but the hungry caterpillars ate every leaf so I had to rush down to a plant nursery and buy 4 more. But even though the nursery said they hadn’t sprayed the plants, 5 of our little […]