FAQ Page

Q  How Long will my session take?

A  A family or sibling session takes approx 1 and a half hours approx depending on how many people are booked. Cake smash and splash 45mins-1 hour. Themed sessions 1 hour and Newborn sessions 3-4 hours.

Q  Where is your studio?

A  I have a studio in my  home in Tawa. I will give you the address as soon as you have paid your deposit.

Q  How do I order?

A There will be a sales appointment made for you once the images are ready to view. The gallery will be shown as a slideshow and then we will go through the images one by one so you can choose your images with the exception of Cake smashes or event photography.

Q  When will I get my portraits?

A   It takes between two to three weeks for me to finish a full edit. Closer to four  weeks at Xmas time. Then once you have paid for your order, it usually takes approx 2 weeks for you to receive your portraits. Prints, framed prints, books and canvases take can take between 2-8 weeks depending on the product.

Q Can I purchase the digital files?

A Yes however I really want you to have your images printed and for my clients to have their images displayed instead of staying on a computer. But if you are intending to purchase the digital files then please take them to a professional lab as the colour and contrast can be completely out on the kiosks in pharmacies, department stores etc.

Q When is the best time to photograph a Newborn?

A  Newborns are more pliable when they are “Milk drunk” from 5 days – 12 days as they are tend to sleep more especially after feeds, if you want the sleeping baby portraits. Newborns need at least 3-4 hours due to feeding and changing.

Q  What’s the best age to photograph?

A  Any age! 0-100yrs! But the best times for under 2s are the “Milestones”, 1-10 days for newborns, sitters approx 6-8mths and approx 13months for just newly walking toddlers. Children change so much and every age is fun and great to record!

Q  I’m worried if I want to do *naked shots that my little one may have an “accident “or my baby has reflux, and spills a lot.

A  Please DON’T be embarrassed if your little one may have an “accident”! There is a 99% chance that it WILL happen and perfectly normal when a nappy is removed……babies love Fresh air! And even babies that don’t have reflux, that are placed on their tummies, tend to spill.  I am used to this and have back up plans in place. ie, sanitiser and natural cleaning products (everything goes into a hot wash)

Q How many photos do you take?

A   I take an unlimited amount during your session however this is then edited down to approx 20-35 images sometimes more depending on maternity sessions or larger families.

Q  Can I help with smiles?

A Yes of course but remember your childs safety is the MOST important thing and you will need to remain close to your child. If you have an extra set of hands and you want them to help with smiles I usually like to see what I can do first as it can be a bit confusing for a child to look in 2 directions.  Please note that if you have 2 or more children under 5 you must bring someone along to help take care as safety is first. The studio looks like a playroom to under 5s but its filled with lighting and camera equipment not suitable for little fingers.

Q  My child’s a little wary of strangers?

A   I totally can relate! If your little one/s are slow to warm, that’s OK .  My daughters were extremely clingy and needed to warm up to the person first . I like to check with parents first before I begin to find out a child’s temperament.

Q  Can I bring anything?

A   Please bring a favourite toy to help with smiles or even something that is special or has sentimental values that you might like in the portrait like a teddy that Nana and Granddad gave them. Spare nappies, wipes, change of clothes, breast milk or formula if we are photographing a baby. NEWBORNS: Please bring a sterilised dummy (even if you don’t plan to ever use one)

Q What should I wear/dress my child/ren in?

A  If you are wanting colour, think about your decor in your home, for example, if you have red accents or walls you wouldn’t want to dress in orange. Limit a colour palette to 2 -3 colours only. You can’t go wrong with denim, block colours, red, pink for girls or blues, greens for boys. Just remember your portraits may be on your walls for a very long time, so it pays not wear clothing that may date. Avoid busy patterns or writing.

Q How and when do I pay?

A  The session fee must be paid within 7days of making your appointment. Payment for prints/packages/canvases etc must be paid in full at time of ordering. I take Cash or Internet banking or credit card using paypal with a surcharge of 3%.

Q Who owns the copyright and can I tag mine on Facebook?

A  All images are owned by “Julie Willetts Photography” and have Copyright. If you sign a release to allowing me to share on Facebook  you may “tag” the image as long as it’s not altered , cropped , or  my logo is removed.

Q  I’m pregnant, do I have to show my tummy? Or can keep it covered or I want to show it off.

A  You can do whatever  you feel comfortable showing or not showing. Which goes for men also. *However please below note.

* No private bits/sticky out bits, fluffy bits or pointy bits are shown in any of my portraiture. 

I do ask that you leave any lollies or lollypops till  the end of the session, as they can make a sticky mess and you also don’t want your child on a sugar high before photographing

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