Lennox 6 days old – Wellington Newborn Photographer

I am extremely behind on all my blogs due to being such a busy Xmas so heres the first one for this year. This gorgeous man is Lennox and talk about a mop of hair….he melted my heart. He was only 6 days old for his shoot. I see where he gets his good looks […]

Olivia and Kyle – { Married }

When Olivia asked me to be their wedding photographer I was truly excited about their day. I meet Olivia when I photographed the preschool she worked at and then she recommended me to her friend Tracey, to be her wedding photographer, which Olivia was her Bridesmaid. So on the 1st of November it was Olivia […]

NZIPP IRIS Awards 2014

Call me chicken no longer…… Two weeks and one day ago I decided NOT to enter the NZIPP Iris awards feeling chicken. Then two weeks ago, early Monday morning at 3am I woke up in a panic thinking “Holy cow….why not”…. so stopped the negative mind games and put my big girl undies on. I […]

Wellingtons Children Photographer – My girls

People often ask me if I have heaps of photos of my girls and the answer is always yes and no….yes on my iphone but no not on my walls (don’t shoot me) …..in the past I always photographed all the mile stones, birthdays etc but as they get older life got busier with swimming, […]

Newborn Photography : Hunter 5 Days old

Hunters session was one of the easiest sessions I have ever photographed. She was so gorgeousĀ  and such a sweetheart, she pretty much slept through the entire session. And I think it may have been my first session ever where I didn’t have one “accident” to clean up. These next images were created especially for […]


A few weeks ago we discovered our swan plant had seven monarch caterpillars. Originally we only had 3 plants but the hungry caterpillars ate every leaf so I had to rush down to a plant nursery and buy 4 more. But even though the nursery said they hadn’t sprayed the plants, 5 of our little […]